Rhiannon Louve is a writer of science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk fiction, as well as contemporary Pagan thea/ology and table top role-playing games. She is co-founder of the SpiralWorks service organization, and holds an MA in Applied Theology. In addition, Rhiannon does vocals, keyboards, and some songwriting for the geek metal band, Megatherium.

The Gears and Levers 1 anthology, edited by bestselling author Phyllis Irene Radford, contains a score of excellent steampunk short stories. Rhiannon's co-authors include a Hugo winner, Hugo and Nebula nominees, an awesome indie filmmaker, several novelists, and more!

Rhiannon's own story, A Rumor, a Blade, and a Discourteous Intrusion features a mysterious time-traveler, a crystal dagger, a diesel-punk ogre, and all takes place during a birthday ball at the Duke's country estate. George Walker, one of Rhiannon's esteemed co-authors, described Rhiannon's story on Goodreads as, "an action-packed story that reminded me of Girl Genius." High praise indeed! Thanks George!


Gears and Levers is available for purchase through several vendors, including:

- Amazon.com

- Barnes and Noble


E-book price is $3.99, and print is $14.95
... and I get royalties so, Please Buy It! :-p

Latest News

My Gears and Levers sequel story has been accepted for Gears and Levers III! This time, Evelina of Grafton fights time-traveling villains in Senegal!

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